Checkmate is a ground-breaking web-based app that provides instant and comprehensive advice for all employee relations issues relating to misconduct, incapacity (poor work performance and ill health), and operational requirements.

The service is aimed at business owners, managers, supervisors and HR professionals.

The app is the brainchild of an Engineer and a labour law expert, who combined forces to create a structured, repeatable approach to solving any employee relations issue using sound labour law principles and best practices.

How does it work?

As a customer, you simply answer a series of simple multiple-choice questions.

The app works on an algorithm that only asks you the questions that are important to the particular problem that you’re having.

Each time you choose the option that applies to you, you’re gradually narrowing down the field until such a point that the app is able to determine exactly what the issue is that you’re experiencing.

The app then provides you with the guidance you need to take appropriate action.

Once you have completed the problem-solving process, you will receive a document with step-by-step instructions and advice on what the correct course of action is to take for this particular issue with your employee, as well as a checklist for future steps and all templates for formal documentation that you require.

How does Checkmate benefit you?

Saves you time:

  • No more waiting for a reply on an issue, or hours spent Googling and searching for bits of information on web forums
  • Drastically reduce the chances of time-consuming referrals to the CCMA by
    • ensuring procedural or substantive fairness
    • gaining a reputation as an employer who “gets it right”

Saves you money:

  • Expert employee relations advice at an extremely affordable rate compared to the alternatives
  • Always follow best business practices in your dealings with employees, and avoid costly payouts at the CCMA
  • Consistently apply the appropriate corrective or preventative action to ensure productive, happy employees
  • Store all your employee data and past transgressions with digitally signed warning documents online – no need to type, print, copy or file any documents
  • For per-use customers: no monthly fee – only pay when you use the service
  • For enterprise package customers: unlimited usage of the app at a fixed monthly rate


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