What is Checkmate?

Checkmate™ is a Problem-Solving App that provides Employee Relations advice to Business Owners, Managers and HR Professionals

What is Employee Relations?

It is the interactions between the employer and the employees concerning: workplace conflicts, problem resolutions, and issues of misconduct, poor work performance, operational requirements and incapacity

How does Checkmate work?

The Checkmate™ App uses Artificial Intelligence to help you to determine what the problem is that you’re experiencing with an employee, and provides you with exact steps to take to ensure the best outcome for the company (as well as the employee)

How do you use Checkmate?

Simply click on the “Solve my Problem” link in the menu, and start to answer the multiple-choice questions

How does Checkmate benefit you?

Saves you time:

  • No more waiting for a reply on an issue, or hours spent Googling and searching for bits of information on web forums
  • Drastically reduce the chances of time-consuming referrals to the CCMA by
    • ensuring procedural or substantive fairness
    • gaining a reputation as an employer who “gets it right”

Saves you money:

  • Expert employee relations advice at an extremely affordable rate compared to the alternatives
  • Always follow best business practices in your dealings with employees, and avoid costly payouts at the CCMA
  • Consistently apply the appropriate corrective or preventative action to ensure productive, happy employees
  • Store all your employee data and past transgressions with digitally signed warning documents online – no need to type, print, copy or file any documents
  • For per-use customers: no monthly fee – only pay when you use the service
  • For enterprise package customers: unlimited usage of the app at a fixed monthly rate

How much does it cost?

There are two pricing options: the per-use fee, and enterprise subscription.

With both pricing options, you have the choice to store your employee data and past transgressions online for free. You will receive the customized templates that are automatically filled in with the employee’s data and their transgression (e.g. first written warning for latecoming). These templates can be digitally signed by the employee, and securely saved on the system, which allows the whole process to be paperless.

Per-use fee: you can complete online consultations at any time for a cost of R 799 per consultation. Simply follow the problem-solving steps, and once you reach the conclusion, you can decide whether to consume a credit and receive your detailed advice and templates. This pricing option is designed for companies that wish to minimize their fixed monthly costs.

Enterprise package: provides you with unlimited useage of the app, at a fixed monthly fee of R 1999 per month, per 100 employees.

We offer a customization service which integrates your company-specific policies into the app – send us an email at info@checkmate.co.za for queries on customized enterprise packages.



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