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Our security protocols have been rigorously audited by the IT compliance departments in our clients’ companies in Germany & China


Our user-friendly interfaces and intuitive reports ensure you know exactly how your business is performing


Our clients have full control with our independent product offerings which can be integrated and customised at the client’s request


We are dedicated to delighting our customers and welcome all feedback

Our apps for Production Management

Production Output Analytics App

Make data-driven decisions with our user-friendly capturing and reporting interfaces

Task Management App

Manage it all in one workspace – assign, track and approve your teams’ tasks

8D Problem-solving App

Always know the next step with this framework for problem-solving and continuous improvement

Key Performance Indicator – Tracker

Your data should be seen! The KPI-Tracker helps businesses thrive by enabling teams’ clear communication on performance metrics

Production Output Analytics App

A quickly-configured system for tracking production output KPIs, paired with an intuitive, interactive data analytics dashboard

How it works

Configure your plant’s machines, tools, shifts and planned downtime in minutes with our user-friendly interface.

Have shop-floor operators complete a user-friendly form specifying scrap, downtime and good parts.

Get interactive data-analytics dashboards of your OEE, quality, availability and more performance metrics, updating every 20 minutes to reflect new records.

Some key features


Designed to be accessible for all levels of employees, granting you thorough shop-floor visibility


Configure your plant set-up in a few hours or less, unlike with traditional ERP systems


View your production metrics, such as quality, availability and OEE with our stunning interactive dashboards

Task Management App

A centralised, easy-to-use system to manage your employees’ tasks

How it works

Create forums for each department/ project team.

Manage user permissions to manage which team members can create, view, edit or validate completed tasks.

Create new tasks and set due dates for employees.

Collaborate and offer teammates feedback with the use of our commenting and document attachment tools.

Keep tabs on outstanding tasks with our reporting dashboard.

Some key features


Users can upload deliverables and provide feedback to one another with our commenting and document-sharing features


Control who can view and create tasks within certain project groups, and ensure the quality of all tasks completed with our task validation feature


Have employees receive emails when a new task is assigned to them, or when existing tasks are nearly due

8D Problem-Solving App

Ensure your manufacturing or automotive facility is audit-ready with our app that facilitates a team-oriented approach to solving critical problems in the production process

How it works:

When a faulty or abnormal part is produced or shipped, open a new 8D, assign it to one or more employees and set a due date.

With our user-friendly templates, employees are guided through industry-recognised best practices for problem-solving, to ensure your plant passes quality-audits.

You can also keep tabs on outstanding 8Ds, and other 8D metrics, with our reporting dashboard.

Some key features


Configured in accordance with automotive-industry audit standards


Industry-recognized problem-solving tools, 5 Why & Fishbone templates, provided


Employees receive automated email notifications when they have new and overdue 8Ds

Key Performance Indicator – Tracker

There’s never enough time to do everything, but there’s always enough time to do the most important thing. Knowing the most important thing is easy with this app for managing performance metrics, across departments, in one highly visual shared location.

How it works:

Start by configuring your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), their target values and the responsible employees.

Once you’ve configured your KPIs, employees can capture KPI data every day, month or as often as your business requires.

View long-term trends in KPIs with our beautiful interactive reporting dashboards.

Some key features


Centralised management of KPI data for higher level management


User-friendly capture interfaces with colour-coded outputs


View long-term trends with our intuitive reporting dashboards, with can be customised to meet your needs

Our apps for Maintenance Management

Job Card App

Where problems turn into action. Reduce time-wastage by creating and assigning maintenance tasks with ease.

Scheduled Maintenance App

Control and visibility, at last. Manage all your routine maintenance tasks in one place, at the click of a button, with Checkmate.

Key Performance Indicator – Tracker

Your data should be seen! The KPI-Tracker helps businesses thrive by enabling teams’ clear communication on performance metrics.

Job Card App

Now you have a record of all the maintenance issues you’ve encountered, when, who handled it and how long it took

How it works

When there is a machine breakdown, or unexpected problem, create a new job card detailing the nature of the issue and assign it to one or more employees.

Once the issue is resolved, the employee completes a user-friendly form detailing the cause of the problem, the action taken, and the time taken.

You can also view metrics such as which machines frequently break down, average job times per artisan and more with our user-friendly reports.

Some key features


Forms for opening and closing job cards, accessible for all levels of employees


Employees receive automated emails when a job card is assigned to them


Identify which machines frequently cause problems, average job times per employee & more

Scheduled Maintenance App

Gain control and visibility of asset maintenance with the new Scheduled Maintenance App, which allows you to create and monitor all your routine maintenance in one location.

How it works

Set up in just minutes by uploading all your assets such as machines, trollies and other equipment that may need routine maintenance.  

Once your assets are set up, add the employees and teams that will be responsible for completing routine maintenance tasks.

Create a new maintenance schedule by specifying the asset, required action, frequency of recurrence and employees responsible. Get insights on your maintenance technicians’ performance with our beautiful interactive reports.

Some key features


Easily view and configure planned maintenance activities with our user-friendly calendar interface


Attach reference documents to assets, and link them to tasks


View analysis reports of schedule adherence and any other metrics you require

Our apps for Employee Relations Management

Employee Relations App

To ensure that employees of South African manufacturing companies are treated equally and fairly through consistent disciplinary protocols.

Return to Work App

Stay on top of absenteeism and ensure all employees are treated equally with our hassle-free 4-step process.

Key Performance Indicator – Tracker

Your data should be seen! The KPI-Tracker helps businesses thrive by enabling teams’ clear communication on performance metrics.

Employee Relations App

An Artificial Intelligence app that determines your labour law issue and provides you with detailed guidance on the correct steps to follow

How it works:

Select the category of the issue from our comprehensive list, including misconduct, retrenchment and more.

Answer a quick questionnaire and receive instant well-founded legal advice and the associated documentation.

Complete the documentation online or have a PDF emailed to you.

We also store all your questionnaire answers and employee offences, in case you should need those records later!

Some key features


Most Checkmate™ users solve their problem within 2 minutes


Advice is based on sound Labour Law principles and best practices, which are CCMA-approved


We can add a section that is specific to your company’s code of conduct

Return to Work App

Consistently reduce absenteeism and create accountability by following a proven process

How it works:

After an employee returns from absence have them complete a short form with HR, or their supervisor, detailing he reason for their absence.

This absenteeism, as well as any other transgressions, will be recorded against the employee’s profile so you can monitor their performance.

We also offer a reporting dashboard allowing you to identify absenteeism trends.

Some key features


Keep track of employees’ transgressions and absenteeism at the click of a button by viewing their profile


Managers receive an email when their technicians or operators are absent for a certain number of days a year


Configured based on sound Labour Law principles and best practices, which are CCMA-approved

How can Checkmate streamline your business processes?

Contact us regarding any cumbersome processes you are experiencing and one of our analysts will create customized software to streamline your business processes!

Bespoke Solutions, Consulting & Training

Customized functionalities to meet your business needs

Bespoke Software

Need a completely unique software solutions to replace a cumbersome paper- or Excel-based system?

Not a problem! We have helped our customers improve efficiency and understand their data with totally novel solutions for unique business processes, such as Special Freight Authorization, Overtime Requesting and Recording Systems and more.


Ready to optimize your workflows but unsure of where to start?

Our engineers are veterans of industry and are trained to use tools such as simulation, data analytics and other process analyses to develop efficient, people-focused approaches to your business processes. Develop and implement systems that work for your company and its employees.


We have teamed up with Global Business Solutions in the past to develop and deploy comprehensive corporate training courses on subjects including Occupational Health and Safety, Ergonomics, Financial Management, Microsoft Excel and Power BI and more.

How it works:

Contact us regarding your cumbersome business processes and documentation; our team will develop a user-friendly solution to streamline your business process and ensure your data is captured in a manner that is consistent and secure.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and one of our business analysts can help you identify improvement opportunities within your organization.

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