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Meet Our Founder

Meet Philippe, our Founder. Born and raised in a hub of SA’s motor vehicle industry, Port Elizabeth (Gqeberha), Phil effortlessly embodies the principles that Checkmate is built on. His background in Continuous Improvement (CI) is reflected in the way that Checkmate innovates, and strives to improve the way in which our clients operate. Before starting…
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What is Industry 4.0?

To understand the term being thrown around more and more frequently in industry, we must first explore the three industrial revolutions that have culminated in the world of manufacturing we know today. Industry 1.0: “The Industrial Revolution” In the 1698 century, the first steam engine was built by Thomas Savery. A few iterations and some…
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Knowing The Next Step

A Guide to Business Process Standardisation What is Business Process Standardisation? Business Process Standardisation is defined as an effort to create a standard procedure which an organization, department or team always uses to complete some repeatable task. The best way to do this is to assess all the ways in which a task can be…
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What does $200 000 000 look like?

If you’re Kok Soo Chon, head of the MH370 Investigation Team, it might look like the cost of the investigation into the tragic disappearance of aircraft MH370 7 years ago – the most expensive investigation in the history of aviation. The costliness of the investigation has been partially apportioned to the aircraft’s underwater locator beacon…
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5 Reasons Checkmate Uses Microsoft Power BI

Power BI (or Power Business Intelligence) is Microsoft’s data visualization tool that allows Checkmate to provide our clients with beautiful, intuitive and interactive reporting dashboards. It’s the software that allows us to take our clients’ huge quantities of data and display it in a way that is meaningful, digestible and enables them to understand precisely…
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South African Workplace Issues and the Processes to Follow

South African Labour Law explained simply – try out the App to solve your problem Click here to try the app

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